Online Divorce in New Hampshire: Documents Preparation

Completing the divorce process and getting the right documents for it can be a complex and taxing experience for many people in New Hampshire. With the option to apply for divorce online becoming more common nowadays, online divorce services can provide a simpler path to handle the necessary divorce procedure.

Completing the divorce process and getting the right documents for it can be a complex and taxing experience for many people in New Hampshire. With the option to apply for divorce online becoming more common nowadays, online divorce services can provide a simpler path to handle the necessary divorce procedure.

On our website, we offer streamlined divorce help online focused on preparing the correct paperwork for individuals pursuing a full-agreement, uncontested divorce in NH online. By answering guided questions on our website, you help our system select the right forms based on your unique circumstances. Additionally, we provide detailed instructions on how to get a divorce in New Hampshire to make you fully prepared to file on your own.

Our service specializes in simplified cases for agreed-upon marriage dissolutions. We help qualifying individuals get completed divorce documents online rather than pay high attorney fees. This way, when you decide to represent yourself, you have everything you need to divorce in NH online.

With more people turning to divorce in New Hampshire online, our website provides a reputable, affordable solution focusing exclusively on ensuring you get the filled-out, up-to-date, and court-approved forms. By handling the document preparation for you, we reduce the complexity, stress, and effort while upholding accuracy.

Grounds for Divorce in New Hampshire

New Hampshire legislation outlines several distinct grounds for divorce in NH that can be cited to pursue a fault-based or no-fault divorce.

New Hampshire grounds for divorce and what they mean:

  • Irreconcilable Differences: Showing there is an irretrievable breakdown of marriage with no chance of reconciliation (NH ST § 458:7-a). It is the only no-fault reason for marriage dissolution in the state.
  • Impotence: Inability to have sexual intercourse.
  • Adultery: Extramarital affairs.
  • Extreme Cruelty: Evidence proving harm, abuse, or unsafe conditions.
  • Conduct Endangering Health: Mistreatment impacting physical or mental health.
  • Conviction/Imprisonment: Convicted and imprisoned for over 1 year.
  • 2 Years Absence/Abandonment: Left without consent for over 2 years.
  • Habitual Alcohol or Drug Abuse: Substance abuse interfering with obligations.
  • Religious Convictions: Joining a religious group that bans marriage (NH ST § 458:7).

Divorce Papers in New Hampshire: What Forms Do You Need to File?

When looking to get cheap divorce papers online or prepare your New Hampshire divorce forms online, it is critical to understand which exact documents apply to your unique situation. Completing the divorce filing process without the necessary paperwork can lead to significant delays and complications. Therefore, it is highly advisable to consider your case first and learn which forms are suitable for your offline or online divorce application.

Our online service helps determine and prepare the right New Hampshire divorce papers online required for your case based on your answers to our questionnaire. Here, we want to offer some examples of forms that may be required.

Basic New Hampshire Divorce Forms

The following documents are the basic NH divorce forms needed to officially file for marriage dissolution:

Additional New Hampshire Divorce Forms Based on Circumstances

Beyond the standard divorce papers in NH, supplemental paperwork may be required depending on your situation:

• Parenting Plan

Mandatory for couples with minor children, outlining custody schedules.

• Child Support Guidelines Worksheet

Form and worksheet to calculate adequate child support levels if children are involved.

• Uniform Support Order

Establishes child support orders the court issues.

• Uniform Alimony Order

Applied when spousal support is requested.

By accurately completing the necessary papers for divorce that match your circumstances, you can simplify filing your New Hampshire divorce papers online or in person. Our online divorce paperwork preparation service helps identify and fill out the correct NH divorce forms for your unique case and adds detailed guidelines on how to file for divorce by yourself.

Compare your Options for Filing for Divorce in New Hampshire

Divorce with a Lawyer

While a lawyer will defend your interests in court, you may face the following inconveniences:

  • Delays caused by attorney’s busy schedule
  • Highly stressful environment in the courtroom
  • Additional disputes that arise in the process
  • High fees, often reaching $200-$300 per hour

DIY Divorce

The cheapest solution but not always the most efficient one since you must:

  • Research the process & identify forms yourself
  • Complete paperwork without assistance
  • Go through the court process with no guidelines
  • Encounter complications in case of a single mistake

Online Divorce Paperwork Preparation

The most budget-friendly and reliable solution that offers a number of benefits:

  • Only court-approved and up-to-date paperwork
  • Service identifies and completes the forms you need
  • Step-by-step instructions help with the filing process
  • The flat fee pricing model makes it pleasantly affordable

How to Fill Out New Hampshire Divorce Papers?

Whether you are filing for divorce in New Hampshire online or plan to submit the documentation to the court clerk’s office in person, your paperwork must be completed flawlessly. Therefore, this first step in filing for divorce must be treated with utmost attention and accuracy.

We offer a few tips on how to fill out divorce papers yourself to facilitate your next steps in filing for divorce and ensure easy divorce filing, no matter if you file for divorce in NH online or offline.

Use Black Ink

When filling out New Hampshire divorce papers online, use black font color. The same goes for the fields you fill out after you print the documents – use black ink only unless instructed otherwise.

Print Legibly

Ensure your handwriting is clear and legible if completing printed forms manually. Otherwise, digitally filled-out submissions are preferred.

Complete All Sections

Carefully fill out each section of the forms that pertains to your case. Leave no mandatory lines blank to avoid processing delays or rejections requiring resubmissions.

Provide Full Contact Details

Indicate correct full names. Include current mailing addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses for court correspondence.

Disclose Financial Information

Fully disclose assets, bank accounts, investments, debts, and other financial data. The slightest inaccuracy may lead to detrimental consequences to the extent of fraud charges.

Describe Agreements Reached

When dividing marital property or determining alimony, child support, or custody terms, delineate arrangements already agreed upon between spouses if the divorce is uncontested.

Make Clear Requests

Be as clear and exact in your court requests as possible. Use simple and apprehensible language with no sophisticated or abstruse structures.

Add All Required Signatures

Do not miss any signature lines. Some forms, especially the financial ones, must be signed under oath. Check which documents require notarization, and do not sign them before you are in front of a notary.

By specifying accurate details across all divorce forms, you help ensure that a court can reach fair judgment in your case.

If you delegate paperwork preparation to our online service, we will provide you with a full package of filled-out documents ready for filing for divorce in New Hampshire online or in person, so you will only need to bring them to the clerk’s office or submit via an e-filing system if it is possible in your county.

As a bonus, we offer detailed guidelines to explain how to file for divorce in New Hampshire online, what happens after you file for divorce, and how not to turn the cheapest way to file for divorce into an overextended and overpriced process.

How to Get a Divorce in New Hampshire without a Lawyer?

For couples pursuing an agreed-upon uncontested divorce in NH, it is possible to complete the paperwork and file for divorce without an attorney.

If you wonder how to get a divorce in NH without a lawyer, let us outlay a few facts about getting a divorce in the state.

When Attorney Representation Is Required

If you have any unresolved disputes regarding child custody, alimony, division of assets or debts, or other contested issues you cannot settle on your own, you will need to work with lawyers to litigate and finalize these matters. Contested divorces with complex or contentious circumstances necessitate legal expertise to resolve disputes and negotiate compromises through litigation.

Uncontested, No-Fault Cases Allow Self-Representation

However, many couples finalize agreements on their own ahead of divorce. If you and your spouse have already reached mutual decisions regarding all the terms related to children, shared finances, and property, the case is considered uncontested. For simple cases only involving basic paperwork around non-disputed issues, filing for divorce in NH without a lawyer is achievable under state law.

So, how to get divorced without an attorney? Ensure you meet the following conditions:

  • You and Your Spouse Agree on All Terms. Determine the division of marital property and debts, alimony and child support amounts (if applicable), child custody arrangements, and visitation schedules. Confirm mutual agreement on these matters upfront.
  • Your Divorce Case is Simple. If you have no jointly owned house, significant assets, retirement accounts, or minor children requiring custodial agreements, the case is straightforward enough to process yourself. Complex finances or custodial factors may benefit from legal expertise.
  • You Complete All Paperwork Correctly. Ensure forms are error-free and fully provide details on agreed-upon terms and required background financial disclosures. We can assist you in properly preparing all required New Hampshire divorce papers online.

If you qualify for an agreed-upon, uncontested divorce in NH, submitting accurately filled-out paperwork yourself facilitates a cost-effective divorce without a lawyer. Services like ours can help by preparing a ready-to-file package of New Hampshire divorce forms online. With precise documents reflecting consented terms, filing for divorce in NH without a lawyer or legal counsel is more than possible.

Do-It-Yourself Divorce in New Hampshire

For couples pursuing uncontested marriage dissolution, a DIY divorce in NH may seem the best way to file for divorce. It creates an opportunity to get a divorce in New Hampshire online with no extra costs or time spent. Nevertheless, when handling all the steps on your own, you should understand that the slightest error may turn into a prolonged and much more expensive process.

We offer a few useful tips on how to file your own divorce papers if you aim at do-it-yourself divorce in New Hampshire:

  • Ensure Mutual Agreement. Confirm you and your spouse have consented to all terms regarding property distribution, assets, support, custody, etc.
  • Check Eligibility. Verify you meet the state requirements around residency, grounds for divorce in NH, etc., to file for and process a DIY divorce in NH.
  • Identify Necessary Forms. Determine which legal documents, orders, financial filings, and statements specifically apply to your situation and filing divorce papers yourself.
  • Prepare Paperwork. Collect background documents and truthfully complete the forms by fully detailing your circumstances while upholding state laws and process guidelines.
  • Submit Your Application. Once the paperwork is thoroughly filled out, know when and where to submit your do-it-yourself divorce in New Hampshire packet to the courts in compliance with protocols.

If these sound confusing, that is because they truly are! You do not need to go through paperwork preparation on your own or navigate the next steps with no guidance. Let us handle the forms and provide you with straightforward instructions so you can divorce comfortably and with confidence.


I was so overwhelmed trying to figure out where to find divorce papers for NH courts or how to proceed in general. This service made it straight-forward by determining what applied to me. Their filing directions were very comprehensive and easy to follow too so I managed to do this without a lawyer. I would certainly recommend them to those in need.

Arden M., Keene

Navigating the legal system alone felt terrifying and with all the emotions in my household, I really didn’t want to do everything on my own. This service handled the documentation process brilliantly, without question. 10/10 experience, very flexible time-wise, so it was easier on my children that I did this from home. Thank you!

Grace B., Laconia

I think as most people going through this, I assumed hiring lawyers would be necessary. But this service gave me affordable convenience without sacrificing completeness. Both me and my ex are pretty frugal so we gave it a try and no way would I have had it any other way. Great service and a true money-saver!

Nolan B., North Stratford


To get divorced, you may hire an attorney to file for you and represent you in court, undergo a DIY procedure, or order the required completed divorce papers online at an online paperwork preparation service and file for divorce in NH with their handy guidelines.

New Hampshire has no mandatory separation period before filing for divorce. Spouses may file paperwork immediately after separating without needing to wait.

You can file for an uncontested, no-fault divorce in New Hampshire without a lawyer if you and your spouse mutually agree on all terms, such as property division, alimony, child custody, etc. By accurately completing and filing the paperwork for such cases yourselves, legal representation is not required, and you can even get a divorce in NH online.

Yes, there are no laws in New Hampshire prohibiting or restricting getting a divorce while pregnant. However, it may complicate some child-related decisions, and while you may file while pregnant, the court may make the final decisions after childbirth.

The first step to starting the divorce process in New Hampshire is typically filing key paperwork, like the Petition for Divorce, the Personal Data Sheet, Financial Affidavits, Parenting Plans (if applicable), Vital Statistics Forms, and any other documentation relevant to your situation, to initiate legal proceedings.